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  The Yedidim staff includes 30 full time staff and over 3,000 volunteers who operate under the direction, guidance and supervision of 200 professionally trained coordinators.Yedidim’s team of staff are dynamic & creative with expertise in the fields of Social Work, Education, and Business Administration and reflect the multi-faceted and multi-cultural nature of Israeli society. Shimon Siani has been the Executive Director since 1993 and continues to lead the organization with diligence and creativity.  

We are privileged to have a group of dedicated, expert volunteers, many of whom have been involved with Yedidim since its inception! Moshe Moskovich, the chairman of our board was one of the founding members of Kibbutz MasuotYitzhak in Gush Etzion before the War of Independence and served as the Mayor of the Regional Council of Sapir for 27 years. Our Public Council is led by Ziona Rosenthal, the professional assistant to the wife of the President.  She has occupied this position for over 20 years with the wives of 4 Presidents.  Professor Hillel Schmid, former Dean of the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Chairman of the National Committee to Assess the Condition of Children and Youth at Risk in Israel, has been the Chairman of Yedidim's Institute of Leadership and Volunteerism for numerous years.



Moshe Moskovich
Moshe Moskovich

Ziona Rosenthal
Ziona Rosenthal
Public Council

Shimon Siani, MBA
Shimon Siani, MBA
Executive Director


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