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The Legacy of our Leaders
Identity issues in Israel are complex and require careful negotiation through an interconnected web of personal, religious, national, communal and cultural identities. The situation is compounded for new immigrant youth who often lack basic knowledge of traditions as well as a sense of belonging and/or national pride. This project combines one-on-one weekly peer preparations and special educational excursions. The high caliber educational packets and the interaction with positive Jewish role models enhance their knowledge of Jewish and Israeli history, culture and folklore, imbuing them with a sense of belonging & pride. We strongly believe that developing and strengthening the Jewish identities of immigrant youth is of paramount importance in securing a strong and stable Israel.

Jewish Identity/ Israel –Diaspora Leadership - Development Program for Israeli Teens  

The project has been designated to address a core challenge facing Israeli society today.
For the first time since biblical times, the majority of Jewish children are being born in the state of Israel; Thus , positive identity and leadership development of youth in Israel is no less daunting and certainly no less important than in the Diaspora. Through a series of experiential activities, discussions, encounters with experts, educational field trips etc. we hope to inspire youth to examine their personal identities and how they relate to their community, to Israel and to the Jewish People. Our goal is to help youth find inspiration for the continuity of Israeli society through a dynamic and exciting relationship with the Diasporas around the world. and with their respective twin cities in particular.

Testimonial from a participant:

There are people here who are thirsty to lead the next generation. We feel a sense of shlichut towards our work and encounter with the Jewish communities around the world. We want to give them what we have as Israelis and get what they could give”.
(Erez, Age 17, leadership group, Beersheva)

Manoa – Striving Towards Excellence

Manoa was designated to inspire Israeli youth with leadership potential to build on their strength and strive towards excellence.

During the 9 month course, youth are given the tools to identify and tackle important community issues head on, taking projects through from conception to fruition. This unique experience allows aspiring leaders to test their skills in a safe and constructive environment.


Erez, Participant,
Erez, Age 17, leadership group, Beersheva
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