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Intervention Program for Girls-in-distress


A Second Chance
Since young people with open police records cannot get drafted to the army, their chances of being able to lead productive lives as contributing members of Israeli society are dramatically reduced. The police, local municipalities and Yedidim developed a strategy that was to offer these youth an opportunity for a fresh start and a clean sleight. Only youth who show a high level of motivation are selected, and, upon successful completion of the program the police recommends to the judge to close their record. As such, they are given a 'second chance' at being responsible, contributing members of Israeli society.

New Beginnings / Sikuim
Close to 24% of all new Juvenile files opened at the police are of new immigrants; that is more than double the representation of new immigrant youth in the general community. As a result of the rising crime rate and increased violence, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption/National Security and the police struck a strategic alliance with Yedidim to 'rehabilitate' these youth. ‘New Beginnings’ sets out to guide these unsupervised and usupported youth to new heights and a new life.


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